How It Works

Is acupuncture mystical?

Acupuncture inspires many's sense of awe, fascination, and also skepticism.

But let's try to de-mystify acupuncture.

Recently immerging fields of bioinformatics, network topology gives insides and understanding of what seemed incomprehensible about acupuncture before.

Acupuncture works on many different levels. It works on...

  • Trigger points in the muscles, releasing the tension. 
  • Pressure points in the skin, activating the nervous system and circulatory system.
  • The energy of the body.

Our body has different layers and levels.

There is a superficial level of the skin, muscles, and connecting tissues.

The nerve cells and receptors on the skin, muscles and connective tissues join the deeper layers of the nervous system, brain, and internal organs.

There are chemical reactions and exchanges between organs, tissues, and cells.

There is also a constant response between our bodies and our environment.

Acupuncture helps our system to maintain a healthier equilibrium.

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What It Is

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Acupuncture is the practice of inserting thin, solid needles into specific body points.

The points are organized into pathways called acupuncture meridians.

Like blood vessels circulating blood and oxygen, the acupuncture pathways circulate vital energy to all the organs, tissues, and cells.

Acupuncture is a part of more extensive Asian holistic healing systems and natural medicine.


Where It Originated

Acupuncture originated in ancient China and is now widely practiced in the Western world and USA.

One of my favorite Chinese acupuncture physicians is Hua Tuo (c. 140–208), who was respected for his expertise in surgery and anesthesia.

Hua Tuo was also famous for his abilities in acupuncture, moxibustion, herbal medicine, and medical Daoyin exercise.

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How it Came to the US

The missionaries, scientists, and merchants first brought acupuncture to the US in colonial times. (1492-1763)

In the 1850s, Chinese immigrants came to the United States and transplanted their health practices to Chinatown. 

Chinese doctors established businesses that catered to both Chinese and non-Chinese patients.

President Richard Nixon's visit to China

In 1971, acupuncture suddenly burst into the mainstream American consciousness.

After, the New York Times journalist James Reston underwent an emergency appendectomy in Beijing and was treated with acupuncture to relieve his postoperative pain and wrote an article about it.

Since that visit, diplomatic ties were established between The US and China.

That allowed investigating teams of US physicians to travel China to witness acupuncture being applied in hospitals.

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Beata Maslanka Acupuncture USA

Current Status of Acupuncture in the United States

Much research has been conducted throughout the United States and other parts of the world to unlock the mystery of acupuncture.

There is much in the literature about these investigations.

Almost every state in the United States has laws regulating acupuncture practice.

There are 56 acupuncture schools in the United States, many practitioners in this country have received their certificate.

Most acupuncturists are licensed by individual states and nationally certified by NCCAOM; National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.