Beata Maslanka L.OM, MSTOM
Licensed and Board Certified Acupuncturist and Herbalist.



The Great Turning Point

I have founded the Great Turning Acupuncture out of my desire to contribute to the health and wellbeing of many after the lockdown of 2020.  

The changes that followed have brought on severe levels of stress, aging and burnout for many.

I have been practicing since 2006. 

I earned my degree from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, a leader in patient-centered, traditional East Asian, and integrative healthcare.

My clinical experience includes internships at Mount Sinai Beth Israel; The Initiative for Women with Disabilities Program, St. Vincent Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center in New York City, NY.



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I was born and raised in communist Poland.

My interest in Eastern philosophy started early. 

As a child, I was fascinated by Bruce Lee, the famous martial artist, teacher, and philosopher. 

His incredible skills, strength, and knowledge inspired me to practice Kung Fu.

The ideas of vitality and performance pulled me into the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Years later, my grandfather became sick.

I questioned the care he received.

I wanted solutions for him that focus on the person, not just the disease. 


I have practiced all over the world.

Combining my love of travel and adventure with acupuncture, I lived and worked in Dublin, Ireland, and reacquainted myself with my homeland, Poland.

My itch to travel is irresistible.

I spent 7 months onboard the Cruise Ship Adonia treating passengers with acupuncture, visiting the Caribbeans, Central America, and the Amazon. 

Upon returning to Philadelphia, PA I have been practicing with Cara Frank at Six Fishes Healing Arts and now at The Great Turning Acupuncture clinic. 

I am an avid salsera and I love being outdoors. 

I value spending time with my family and friends.

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