Is Acupuncture Right For Me?

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Anyone can benefit from acupuncture and some conditions respond better to acupuncture.


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Here's why Acupuncture will work for you:

Do you see your condition on this list?

WHO and NHI and even institutions like John Hopkins have been recommending acupuncture for conditions like.

This is a partial list.


Are you apprehensive about Acupuncture needles?

Tell me about your experience. 


You don't need to be afraid!

Some people who are afraid of needles are afraid of them because of those big hypodermic needles.

Acupuncture needles are nothing like them!

They are very thin and hollow. Many times you will not feel anything and sometimes a sensation of heaviness, warmth, and tingling. 

If you feel uncomfortable ask the practitioner to remove the needle.

It is good to know you are in control of the process and we are here to help!


Curious how long results from Acupuncture will take?


If it's a concern for you...

Don't worry, you are not singing for life!

Many chose acupuncture because acupuncture if performed correctly has no side effects.

There is nothing in the acupuncture needles. The effects of acupuncture are facilitated by your own system.

Acupuncture effects can't be compared with powerful drugs, which act quickly but have many side effects!

Acupuncture takes time and the effects accumulate over time. 

A typical course of treatment takes 1-3 months for chronic conditions.


What conditions is acupuncture not suitable for?

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